About Me




Nothing profound to say. I can't help but wander around and take pictures. They were things I saw that made me feel a certain way. If you want to know what I am like (and have nothing better to do), watch a few of the slideshows (choose a gallery, click on start slideshow, choose the full screen option). Does not look as good on a phone. Bigger screens are better. Some shows are longer than others. You don't have to watch the whole thing, but can come back and finish one whenever you want. Just let them wash over you. I do.

Since I never know how much longer I will be on the planet and this may be my legacy... and if you really want to know what it is like to be in my head... consider this an art project entitled The Neil Museum (aka The Museum of Neil)... If you have access to Spotify and want to listen to the music I listen to while watching a slideshow, there is a neilcramerphotography.com playlist.

If you want to go a step further, smoke a small amount of marijuana before the show (am I allowed to say that?) and then while watching (depending on your preference), sip on some GlenLivet Nadurra, or a bottle of Leffe Beer, or a good Argentinian Malbec. If you do not smoke or drink, I suggest a small Peets coffee triple shot soy latte with just two pumps of vanilla. The soy is not by choice. It's age and genetics, but I have learned to live with it. :)

Maybe someday I will add my favorite recipes to this list. Fresh peach pie is a definite yes.

Thanks for visiting!

Neil Cramer

PS. and to get further into my head... if I had to have dinner with three famous dead people... Lincoln, Einstein and Shakespeare. Although that changes frequently (like all the time). Can I have more than one dinner?

And of course, add in a miracle of a wife, and three amazing children, each of whom lights up the room in a different way when they enter. And two really great brothers and some really great friends.

For some reason I really like art deco furniture and stuff.

I really like animals. :)

I also like kind hearted, curious minded people who laugh easily.